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The Campfire ✨

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Connect with others, find your magic and do more of what you love


The Campfire brings together coaches and creators to share our experiences and insights so that we can use our gifts and talents to thrive.

If you're reading these words, then I know that you're motivated to empower people and share more of who you are with the world. And I know that connecting with others, sharing our personal stories and challenges and showing up honestly (and with humour) is the way to do so.

I created the Campfire as a safe haven for people to come together to connect, inspire and empower each other to be who we were born to be, and do more of what we love.

I’d love to meet you at the Campfire!

Edward xx

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Take part in monthly Quests, answer questions and polls, and attend bi-weekly group sessions.

Getting involved is easy: just sign up for the free tier to start connecting with other members and to join free monthly Quests. And if you're ready for more in-depth coaching and support, sign up for the paid membership option ($30 per month) to get unlimited access to bi-weekly group sessions, which include discussion, coaching and meditation.

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